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We are very conscientious about the future of any Stafford who leaves our home.  Please, understand that our top priority in homing a Stafford is ensuring a sustainable environment of love, proper socialization, exercise & nutrition, and responsible dog ownership.  We don't mean to pry into anyone's business, nor do we want to be elitist, but we need a little basic information from you in order to do what is best for our dogs.  If you understand this sentiment, please take a moment to complete the form below for inquiries on current and future breedings.


***Please note: We will keep all inquiries on file and hold onto your information until we know for certain that puppies are on their way.  Don't be alarmed if you do not hear anything immediately.   Further announcements will be sent to those who inquire using the form below as the news unfolds.  As always, homes will be selected after puppies are born.






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Please, describe the living quarters (indoor and outdoor) for your future Stafford.

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What other animals have you owned, and for how long?

How familiar are you with Staffords?

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What else would you like for us to know about you and your interest in Staffords?

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